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Anset Smart Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in researching MMW radar transducers with MMW radar technology as its core and it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Genture Electronics Co., Ltd.

We have an excellent domestic research and development group under the guidance of Professor Yuehua Li and supported by MMW Key Laboratory of Nanjing University of Science and Technology. We devote ourselves to researching MMW radar. A set of MMW radar system design resources and complete experimental facility enables our company to research and produce MMW products.


The initiator of the project is Professor Yuehua Li who is a doctoral supervisor and long-term authority in theoretic and engineering application research on MMW short-range detection system. He is a deputy director committee member of MMW SMMW Specialized Committee of Chinese Institute of Electronics MW Branch, a deputy director committee member of the Editorial Committee of Journal of Detection & Control, member of Jiangsu Province Electrotechnical Society, and senior member of Chinese Institute of Electronics and IEEE Member.

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    AST-SMMW-40 millimeter wave radar system is an efficient 24GHz radar solution with complete functions and low cost. It is able to detect objects driving in speed of 70m/s above 40m away and trace 32 objects at the same time.


    1.Compact package, Solid state technology; 2.Cost-effective, Detection distance;

    3.Light weight, Small size, Low power consumption; 4.Leading performance and durability.


    Blind Spot Detection

    Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Brake Auxiliary System EBA

Blindness Detecting System BSM

Forward Collision Warning System FCW

Auto-adaptive Cruise Control System ACC

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